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US Internet Ensures Customer Security With SAS 70 Type II Audit Completion
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High Speed Network

US Internet is connected to the Internet by multiple OC-3 links, which are carried over three different OC-12 fiber optic SONET networks via two separate telecommunication providers. The USI network is connected to multiple peering points on the Internet, allowing for a high degree of redundancy and routing flexibility. US Internet consistently places in the top 5% of the Keynote Business 40 Index, which benchmarks website responsiveness.

Data Center

Our data center facilities are powered by two separate Xcel Energy grids and equipped with multiple 75kva full time inline UPS equipment. In addition, a diesel generator and a natural gas generator are located onsite in the event of a sustained electrical outage. USI also contracts with a mobile power source for generator redundancy.

US Internet also offers state-of-the-art firewall, layer 4 switching technology and global server load balancing in our Minneapolis, MN, Milwaukee, WI, London, UK, and Sydney, AU data centers for maximum availability and uptime. All USI core services are complete and n+1 redundant, providing maximum fault tolerance.

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Physical access to our data center is biometrically and pass card controlled. All data center equipment is stored within secure rack mount enclosures. The data center and adjoining areas are under 24-hour video surveillance.

To prevent authorized network access, US Internet utilizes a combination of technical platforms to counterattack all known methods of compromising the core network. Technologies include Cisco PIX firewalls, Foundry Server Iron load balancers and intrusion detection servers. Firewalls are utilized to restrict access to the network and filters have been added to the routers and the switches. IP restrictions and username/password authentication are utilized where appropriate. US Internet also utilizes a pro-active monitoring platform to proactively determine potential intrusion. These methods individually and in conjunction with each other provide the highest level of security.

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Disaster Recovery

US Internet understands there are three major areas of potential system failure — power, network and facility. In the event of power failure, US Internet's redundant generators running on separate power grids will handle the necessary load for an unlimited period of time.

In the case of a network failure, US Internet will utilize its redundant Dual Sonet infrastructure entering at opposite ends of the building, coming from two different CO's. This includes and is not limited to continuous backup of equipment.

If we experience a major facilities failure, US Internet will utilize one of its two partners, either AT&T or McLeod USA's data center as a temporary disaster environment.

Finally, in the event of total facilities failure, re-routing of traffic can happen to our other global locations.

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