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Newsgroup Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy

(please read this entire document before you access the news servers)

The content of all discussion groups (a.k.a. "newsgroups"), including without limitation, the descriptions of discussion groups and the content within a specific article posted in a group, is provided by and is the full and sole responsibility of the creator of the discussion group, or the person posting the article, respectively. US Internet Corp., (hereinafter "USIC") has NO responsibility for such content and is merely a conduit of articles traveling across Usenet. Usenet in general, is a public discussion and posting forum, similar to the world wide web, which is also available to the public. USIC does not control, condone, or censor Usenet and its content in any way.

All articles posted on our servers are pushed to the servers via our upstream providers, some of which are large international corporations. USIC receives well over 2 million articles per day, and it is impossible for us or any other corporation running a Usenet server to moderate newsgroups. At this point, there are no state or federal laws that require any ISP or Usenet provider to moderate Usenet newsgroups.

By its very nature, Usenet groups may carry very offensive, harmful, inaccurate or otherwise inappropriate material, or in some cases, postings that have been mislabeled, or are deceptive in another way. We expect that you will use caution and common sense and exercise proper judgment when using Usenet, as well as use the service at your own risk.

Again, we must emphasize that it is impossible for us or any other Usenet service provider to police hundreds of thousands of articles that pass through our servers on a daily basis. Any article that passes through our servers and its content is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the person who posted the article or created the newsgroup.

  • USIC does not produce any content that passes through or can be found on our servers.
  • USIC does not publish or distribute any content that passes through or can be found on our servers. What we mean when we say "publish or distribute" is that we DO NOT extract pictures or programs from Usenet for redistribution by various means, such as putting them on CD-ROM or making slide shows, or putting them in zip files and making them available for download.
  • USIC does not condone, nor support users posting copyrighted or illegal content to Usenet. If you discover an article that contains any copyrighted or illegal content, please email us at or submit a support request at We will then remove the offending article IMMEDIATELY, and forward any and all relevant information to the appropriate federal law enforcement authorities.

Please not that the name of a newsgroup is not illegal in nature and does not necessarily imply that inappropriate or illegal activity occurs in it. However, we do encourage our customers to exercise caution and discretion when viewing and posting to all Usenet newsgroups. All content, without limitation, is provided by and is the sole responsibility of the person posting the content. We expect all customers to abide by Usenet etiquette, copyright laws, and civil and criminal laws.

I understand that I may only enter this site, and/or use its services, if I agree to all of the following terms. If I do not agree to all of the terms, I must exit now.

I understand the standards and laws of the community, site, and computer to which I am transporting this material, and I am solely responsible for my actions. I understand that posting of illegal media is prohibited and that violators will be banned from USIC's servers immediately. Any abuse issues can be reported to

I agree to not sell, redistribute, or copy in any way the contents of any of USIC's sites. I will not allow anyone to use my username and/or password. If I do post to the servers, I do so at my own risk. Any copyright issues can be reported to

Posting ability is a privilege, not a right. Your posting access may be suspended at any time without notice at the discretion of our abuse department. If you are unable to post and believe that your access may have been revoked, you may send email to with your account information. They will inform you if your posting access has been revoked and the reason. If it has, and you feel this was done in error, please contact us and explain the situation. Our abuse department will then investigate and inform you of their decision in an email. The decision of the abuse department is final and NO refunds will be granted due to inability to post after your posting access has been blocked. You will still have the ability to read articles, however.

USIC has a zero-tolerance policy for the following activities, and performing any of them will cause permanent suspension of your posting ability. These activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Spamming: Advertising that is not welcome in the group where it was posted. If you do spam, you may be billed for the cleanup costs (at the discretion of USIC management) at the rate of $200.00 USD per hour, plus any collections and/or attorney's fees incurred in the collection of this fee.
  • Flooding: Attempting to take over a newsgroup by flooding it with your posts.
  • Trolling: Harassing or annoying other newsgroup users repeatedly.
  • Copyright Infringement: Posting anything that is not in the public domain and that you do not own the rights to. This is a serious crime carrying serious legal consequences!
  • Posting Illegal Content: Posting anything that is not legal in the United States.
  • Posting Off-Topic: Posting something that does not belong in that newsgroup, as indicated by its charter or FAQ article.
  • Crossposting: Posting the same article to more than three newsgroups is prohibited. The article posted must be on-topic for each group it is posted to.
  • Harassment/Cyberstalking: Threatening or provoking confrontation with another party, causing fear for one's personal safety. Posting anyone's personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers, etc. without that person's prior consent also falls under this category. Report abuse issues to

I will not attempt to bypass any security and/or access features of this site.

If I use these services in violation of this agreement, I understand I may be in violation of local, federal and or civil laws. I agree to be responsible for all legal fees and loss of any income that I owe to the providers, owners, Corporate Officers, and/or creators of this site as a result of my activities. I understand that my membership will be canceled without notice or refund in such situations.

I will not use or provide any information about or contained within this site against the providers, owners, Corporate Officers, and/or creators of this site in any type of action, legal or otherwise.

Accounts are intended for personal use only. Commercial use is prohibited without prior written authorization from USIC.

USIC and the owners of USIC, do not represent nor endorse the accuracy or reliability of any of the information, content, or advertisements (collectively, the "Material") contained on, distributed through, or linked, downloaded, or accessed from any of the services contained on this website (collectively, the "Service"). USIC also does not represent nor endorse the quality of any products, information, or other materials displayed, purchased, or obtained by you as a result of an advertisement or any other information or offer in, or in connection with USIC (collectively, the "Products"). You hereby acknowledge that any reliance upon any Material shall be at your own risk. USIC reserves the right, but is not obligated to nor does it accept any responsibility for refusing to, in its sole discretion to make improvements to, or correct any errors or omissions in any portion of the Service or Material contained in USIC.


This web site or the servers associated with it may contain material that some people may find offensive or inappropriate. In some communities, the contents may be deemed to violate the community's norms or mores. If you believe that you will find the content to be offensive, inappropriate, or in violation of your community's norms or mores, then you must stop viewing the contents immediately and go to a non-offensive web site.

It is also possible that some material may be inaccurate, wrong, and defamatory in nature.

USIC does not review the material that is posted nor exert any editorial control over the material. As such, USIC acts merely as a forum for the expression of ideas, thoughts, and information, similar to the way that a public square could be the forum for discussion of ideas, thoughts, and information.

USIC is not responsible for any inaccurate, wrong, offensive, inappropriate, or defamatory material that is contained herein. USIC is also not responsible for any material that violates a community's norms or mores. USIC expects and demands that users comply with all federal, state, and local laws when using this web site and when posting content to the web site and refrain from violating those laws. If a person is unsure whether or not a posting will violate a law, that person is urged to contact the Electronic Freedom Foundation or an attorney prior to posting the information, document, or other type of content. USIC can not enforce the laws of each locality, state, and even federal laws for all material that is posted to this site. As such, USIC is not responsible for the content of this site.

If, as a result of a user's actions, postings, statements, or other activity, USIC is named as a defendant in a lawsuit, threatened with legal action, has a legal judgment issued against it, or incurs expense to defend itself, then the user shall indemnify USIC for all expenses incurred by USIC to protect or defend itself, or otherwise respond to the problem. Furthermore, the user shall hold USIC harmless for the user's actions, postings, statements, or other activity. These actions, postings, statements or other activity could include, but are not limited to, defamation, libel, intentional infliction of emotional distress, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, theft of a trade secret, economic espionage, and transmission of pornographic material.

The sponsors of USIC are separate legal entities and are not related to USIC. The sponsors are not responsible for any actions, postings, statements, or other activities of a user. The user shall hold harmless and indemnify the sponsors of USIC in any lawsuit, dispute, or other legal action should the lawsuit, dispute, or other legal action result from a user's actions, postings, statements, or other activity.

By entering this web site or by clicking on any of the links within this web site, I will have released and discharged the providers, owners, Corporate Officers and or creators of this site from any and all liability which might arise.

If you have any questions about anything listed in this disclaimer please direct them to our support form.

Last Modified: October 14th, 2003

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