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Scheduled Maintenance

Keeping you informed of upcoming changes and upgrades to our core network.

US Internet DNS Changes for November 1st, 2013 (11/01/2013)


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  • (

US Internet hosts several nameservers for DNS resolution. Some of these nameservers are authoritative nameservers for domains hosted at US Internet. Some nameservers are caching nameservers to be used by our customers to resolve DNS. As of November 1st 2013 (11/01/2013), we will be changing the way some of our nameservers respond to DNS requests. The primary purpose of this change is to increase security and performance. This will be broken down into two phases. In phase one, we will be disabling recursion on the aforementioned nameservers for any IP networks outside of US Internet administration. As part of phase two, recursion will be disabled completely on these nameservers.

After phase one is complete any non-customers or customers having a source IP address that does not fall within US Internet IP networks who are currently using the following nameservers will not be able to resolve DNS via the following nameservers for any domains that these servers are not authoritative for:

  • (
  • (

After phase two is complete any customer or non-customer using the following nameservers will not be able to resolve DNS via the following nameservers for any domains that these servers are not authoritative for:

  • (
  • (

If you currently use either nameserver for your DNS settings you will want to change those settings under the following guidelines.

If you are a US Internet customer with an IP space provided by US internet you can use any combination of the following caching only nameservers for DNS resolution. To get the best resiliency use at least one server from each location.



If your IP space falls outside of US Internet administration you will want to use one of the following options.

  1. OpenDNS ( )
  2. Google Public DNS ( )
  3. DNS servers provided by your ISP*

More Information regarding DNS:

What is DNS?
The Domain Name System (DNS) is an hierarchical distributed naming system. It translates easy to remember domain names to the numerical IP addresses needed for the purpose of locating computer services and devices worldwide. The Domain Name System is a very important part of the Internet.s infrastructure. It.s what allows people to connect to a site using a URL like instead of an IP address.

What is a recursive lookup?
DNS requests can either be "recursive" or "non-recursive". Client applications (such as Internet browsers) typically request that a DNS server perform recursion for them. When a DNS server receives a recursive request from a client that it is willing to perform recursion for, it will go through a process of resolving the requested domain name by first asking the root servers, which respond with a referral to the top level DNS servers, then asking one of those servers, which respond with a referral to the next level DNS servers, until the DNS server completely resolves the requested domain name and returns that result to the client.

What is an Open Resolver?
Any nameserver that performs recursive lookups for requests regardless of source is referred to as an "open resolver".

Is having an open resolver bad?
Open DNS resolvers can be problematic for a few reasons:
  • They allow out of network requests to consume resources that are not intended for them. A recursive DNS request requires much more processing by the server compared to a non-recursive request.
  • Attackers may be able to poison the cache of an open resolver resulting in incorrect domain name resolution.
  • Open resolvers can be used in widespread DDoS attacks with spoofed source addresses and large DNS reply messages.

Scheduled maintenance email notifications. As a US Internet customer, you can keep yourself informed as to changes and upgrades scheduled for our core network by subscribing to USI's Scheduled Maintenance Email notifications. To subscribe, go to Maintenance Subscriber Page , select a service and enter your email address.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our 24x7x365 support team and reference ticket #424067

Thank You,
US Internet Corp.

USI Scheduled Maintenance Email List: The US Internet Scheduled Maintenance Email List was created to inform our customers of changes, upgrades, routine & emergency maintenance, and outages to our services. This list is only for US Internet customers and is provided for informational purposes.
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