Make Default Profile Migrating (If migrating to US Internet Exchange please select the migrating checkbox to generate a post migration prf.)

Instructions for use:

  1. Enter the email address for the profile you would like to create and click generate.
  2. Save the prf file.
  3. Click Start > Run
  4. In the run box enter the following command replacing the filepath and filename with the path and file of the saved prf.
    outlook.exe /importprf c:\path\to\file.prf
  5. Outlook will prompt for a username and password, enter the credentials for the account associated with the profile, this is to verify the account on the Exchange server.
  6. If you selected the "Make Default Profile" option, then when the second credential dialogue opens enter the credentials again. If you did NOT select the "Make Default Profile" option, the credential dialogue is for the existing profile, so the user should login normally.
  7. Outlook will by default use a single profile. To change this behavior or select a different profile follow the below instructions.

Changing the default profile:

  1. Click Start > Control Panel
  2. Click Mail (If your control panel view is "Catagory" Click User Accounts > Mail)
  3. Click Show Profiles
  4. Under "Always use this profile" Select the profile you would like to be opened by default when outlook is started.
  5. Optionally, by selecting "Prompt for a profile to be used" you can switch between existing profiles.
  6. Close and Re-open Outlook. The new profile will prompt for a username and password.

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