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Want USI Fiber in your building?

If you live in an apartment, condo, or duplex, you’ll need to talk to the building owner or your landlord to get USI Fiber in your building. When we enter a building, we wire the entire building so that every unit can experience the simple, fast benefits of USI Fiber. If you need some talking points to share with your landlord, we’re here to help.


How will your landlord know if you and other residents want USI Fiber? Tell them. This is the first step!


You can let your landlord know that:

  1. USI Fiber is the fastest, simplest internet provider in town.
  2. We’re your neighbor, a born-and-bred Minneapolis company.
  3. There’s no charge for installation.
  4. USI Fiber is an excellent amenity and will attract and retain residents.
  5. It’s not just good for residents, it’s great for your office too!


All your landlord needs to do is contact our sales team at to get the ball rolling.


Want to save this work and let us handle it? Just send us your landlord’s contact information and we’ll take it from there. It’s that easy.