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Confused About Your Bill?

We get it. See below for our most commonly asked questions—we promise, we play fair. If you believe you’ve been billed in error, contact us and we’ll make sure it gets resolved.

Why did I receive another bill when I already cancelled my service?

You can disregard any future statements once you cancel your service and have received a confirmation email. Statements are auto-generated for active accounts but you will not be charged.


If you receive a billing notice on the date that you requested services to be cancelled, this is your final statement and will reflect a zero-dollar balance unless there is a pending refund requiring return of equipment.

Why was I charged again when I have not even had my service for a full month yet?

USI uses an automated billing system that will send invoices 14 days before the end of the current service cycle and will process payments 7 days ahead of the upcoming billing cycle. This is done to ensure that you have ample time to update payment information, transfer funds, or contact your financial institution—to ensure the payment processes successfully and prevents your services from going into a suspended state. In the case of a failed transaction, a notice will be sent to the email address that we have on file and another attempt will be scheduled for 2-3 days later. There will be a total of 3 attempts to process payments before the services would go inactive.