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How fast is USI Fiber?

We promise we’re fast, but you can check for yourself. Either go to and run a speed test to our Minnetonka server, or visit our Speed Test page.


Keep in mind that these are public websites that users are testing to on a consistent basis, which can cause results to be lower than what you are actually receiving. They are meant to give you a rough idea of what your connection is capable of. Clearing browser data and restarting the browser will help improve your speed results. The performance of your computer can play a factor on speeds as well. Ideally, try to keep CPU usage as low as possible, which you can monitor in Windows Task Manager or Mac Activity Monitor.


For best results, make sure that you run the speed test with a direct connection to the wall jack. When conducted over WiFi, speed test results will likely be lower.

Why do my speed test results not reflect the speeds USI Fiber has advertised when directly connected?

There are many variables that can influence a speed test result, especially at the higher speeds above 100 Mbps.


  • Speed test servers become more and more unreliable in general at the higher speeds.
  • The speed test servers, including USI’s, are public and are used by many people on our network and across the internet at the same time, all day long.
  • Operating Systems (Windows, Mac OSX, etc.) all have various network performance tuning options that can significantly impact network throughput.
  • Customer network cards and chipsets may be insufficient to actually send and receive above a certain level of traffic.
  • Customer network drivers may be old and need updating.
  • When using a wireless connected laptop, tablet, or other mobile device to perform speed tests, it is very difficult to achieve the full bandwidth capacity due to the nature and limitations of wireless technology. Make sure that you are using a network cable connected laptop or desktop computer to perform speed tests.
  • Having a browser version that is not up-to-date could be the cause of poor performance on a speed test. Make sure that the browser you are using to run the speed test is up-to-date.