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Carrier / Enterprise Access Solutions

Dark Fiber

USI dark fiber provides all the security, scalability, and reliability of a private network, without the burden of owning your network infrastructure. Our solution provides you with unlimited bandwidth that you control.


With many benefits similar to dark fiber, USI offers DWDM based network technology giving you cost effective and consistent connectivity using a dedicated wavelength across a shared fiber path.

Ethernet Transport

USI’s optical Ethernet service combines the power of Ethernet and optical technologies across metropolitans and larger regional areas to provide a relatively low cost connection coupled with scalable and secure bandwidth using standard Ethernet based protocols.

IP Transit

USI IP transit services allow you to connect to the larger internet using BGP. USI contracts with a blend of backbone Internet providers and Internet exchanges to allow you to leverage their networks with fewer connections and with low latency.


USI has fully dedicated bandwidth that is not shared, it is full duplex and the speed does not vary. USI provides a private Internet connection without the complexities of BGP or other routing protocols. 


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Internet Exchange Point Connectivity

USI knows that Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) are a great way to have solid and varied exchanges between networks and lowering our average per-bit delivery cost. Using IXPs improves routing efficiency, increases data transfer speeds, reduces latency, and improves overall bandwidth.

USI has connections to Internet exchange points in Minneapolis, the Quad Cities, Chicago, Omaha, Seattle, Denver and Kansas City.

Cloud Provider Connections

With USI, we directly connect you to the cloud. Our network offers both a cloud access solution and a private connected service built on speed and reliability to privately connect you and your cloud providers.