USI Fiber

Fiber makes everything more everything.

Other companies may also offer fiber but our approach at USI keeps people coming back for more. The fiber is delivered directly to your home, so you don’t share it with the entire neighborhood – this makes it an unbelievably speedy, reliable internet connection in the Twin Cities.

Home owner and renter

Launch your household into the next century, today.

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Property management

Attract and retain tenants by offering the best-in-class internet experience.

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Show your clients and employees you mean business.

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In today’s world there truly is a need for speed.

Reduce family friction.

As we work from home, cut the cord with cable and up our gaming experience, our need for reliable, consistent speed isn’t a “nice to have”—it’s a life necessity.


Watch all of your favorite shows, movies, sports or news on any device at any time.


There is no better gaming experience. Period.


Super-fast, reliable connections for super-fast, reliable work efficiency.

No ups and downs.

Whether sending large work files or downloading the latest video game, fiber does things faster.

upload download 1 Gig
upload download 1 Gig
upload download 1 Gig
USI Fiber

Cable was great. In the ’90s.

We eliminate the confusion and uncertainty around “cutting the cord” by offering a simple streaming solution that connects everyone to everything they want.


From network programming to binge-worthy series, the best in sports, blockbuster movies, breaking news and more – you can watch on anything you want, on any platform, at any time. It’s just that easy with our fiber connection and your subscription to a streaming provider of choice.

Too good to be true?

Don’t listen to us. Listen to your neighbor. Because when asked “Would you refer USI to a friend?” 99.9% of our customers said yes. How’s that for Minnesota nice?


5 stars for speed, reliability, price, and even customer service.

David R.

Great service, great prices, and the employees are all fantastic.

Sam R.

Lightning fast speed for both uploads and downloads. Great for gaming and streaming.

Pencrest S.

Continually impressed by the customer service of USI.

John W.

This is what streams are made of.

Good things come in small packages. And amazing things come in bigger packages. Either way, you can’t lose. It’s all unbelievably simple internet.

2.5 Gig

Very fast. Speedy.

Quick even. Only available

in single family homes.

10 Gig

So fast we don’t even know

how to explain it. Only available

in single family homes.

500 Mbps

Great for families,

multiple device streaming

and gaming.

Looking for TV and Phone?

Internet-based phone offers the bells and whistles you’ll love. At a price you’ll adore. While any basic streaming service turns any device into a window into your TV viewing world.

Still finding fiber kinda confusing?

Are you ready to totally geek out?

This is no time to take things slowly.