Fiber Specs

You don’t have to know how fiber works to understand how it works for you.

But you still want to know. So here are the techy details.
Speed comparison
upload download 1 Gig

What was once new is old again. DSL technology has quickly been replaced. While older homes have charm – old internet technology does not.

upload download 1 Gig

While cable is faster than DSL, it shares a line with your TV service. So when you share use with others, you all lose.

upload download 1 Gig

What’s faster than the speed of light? Nothing. That’s what you get with fiber.

Net neutrality
Our network is being built to handle increased internet usage and demand so that we can continue to support net neutrality.
We do not have data caps
We do not block or filter content
We do not sell customer data
We support reasonable network practices that are neither anticompetitive nor prejudicial
Latency, jitter and packet loss

On a scale of 1 to 10, you want latency to be a zero. When you click on something, how long does it take for the page to load? At USI we strive to keep that number (latency) as low as possible.


When gaming you do not want a case of the jitters. High congestion can cause a gap between packets (a packet is how data is carried over the internet) arriving at their destination. USI Fiber has the bandwidth to avoid this.


Packet loss is when data fails to reach its final destination. Which is no fun. We work to keep this number as low as possible.

Service facts

Broadband Facts

Fixed broadband consumer disclosure

Choose Your Service Data Plan for

Monthly charge for month-to-month plan

$75/1 Gig

$125/2.5 Gig

$195/10 Gig

$65/500 Mbps

Monthly charge for 2 year contract plan

N/A (No Contracts)

Other Charges and Terms

Data included with monthly charge


Charges for additional data usage


Wireless Experience (* May be included with some plans)

$10/mo. + Tax

Other monthly fees


One-time fees


Government Taxes and Other Government-Related Fees May Apply: N/A

Performance - Individual experience may vary

Typical speed downstream

1 Gig

2.5 Gig

10 Gig

500 Mbps

Typical speed upstream

1 Gig

2.5 Gig

10 Gig

500 Mbps

Typical latency

1 millisecond

Typical packet loss



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Complaints or inquiries

To contact us: online / 612-444-1888

To submit complaints to the FCC: online/(888)225-5322

Learn more about the terms used on this form and other relevant information at the FCC’s website.