How it works

It’s your world. We just keep you connected in it.

USI offers unbelievably simple internet. No unnecessary bundles, confusing contracts or additional fees. From streaming favorite shows to working from home to uninterrupted gaming, we keep you connected to everything that matters to you. Faster.

How fast is fiber? Let’s compare.

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What was once new is old again. DSL technology has quickly been replaced. Because while older homes have charm, old internet technology does not.

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While cable is faster than DSL, you and your neighbors are all connected to the same cable line. And when everybody shares bandwidth, nobody wins.

upload download 1 Gig

What’s faster than the speed of light? Nothing. That’s what you get with fiber.

How is fiber installed?

When you sign up for service with USI, here’s what to expect. The start-to-finish process normally takes 4-6 weeks and is minimally invasive at times. Noninvasive at other times.

After sign-up, we’ll organize a time for a tech to come out and install a Network Interface Device on the side of your home, which is a box about the size of a small shoebox.
1 to 2 weeks later, we’ll install a small pipe underground between the boulevard and your house. Don’t worry, we won’t dig up your lawn.
5 to 7 days later, we’ll come out and feed the fiber to your home. Then within a day or two, you’ll be up and running with shiny new internet.

Looking for all the juicy details?

Read our detailed write-up and learn everything you’ll need to know (and more) about the setup and install process.
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Of course you have needs beyond internet.

Home network

Don’t let your old router slow you down. Experience full speeds with a router that is up-to-snuff.
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Streaming TV

While you can use any streaming service to enjoy all your favorite TV programming, we have some helpful tips and suggestions.
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Enjoy our business class phone service at home with features like voicemail transcription, 3-way calling and toll-free numbers.
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Still finding fiber kinda confusing?

This is no time to take things slowly.