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Fiber Installation Process

Signing Up for Fiber

Do you know what speed you want and are ready to sign up? Just visit our order form to get started. Even if you’re in the “going live soon” area, you can still place your order! The sooner you sign up, the sooner you can go live with USI Fiber! During the ordering process, you will be able to select an installation appointment time and date that works for you. This is the only step of the process that we need you to be home for, as this is when all the equipment needed for your home will be installed.

At any time during the installation process, you can check the progress on our online portal. We will also keep you updated via email and text throughout the process. If you’re more the video type, you can watch a video on our installation process here. Otherwise, just keep reading to learn more.

Installation Appointment

During your installation appointment, a technician will come out and explain how everything will be installed at your home. Once you and the tech come to an agreement on the equipment, it’s time for the installation:

  • The Network Interface Device (NID) gets placed on the outside of the home.
  • The fiber switch gets installed inside the home.
  • An Ethernet wall jack and fiber switch gets placed in a central location (near an outlet not controlled by a light switch) for the router to plug into.

Once that equipment installation is completed and all the lines are tested, the technician will mark a “proposed route” for the fiber conduit on the ground from the NID box to the boulevard with paint and/or flags to ensure an installation that avoids other utilities.

After the installation is complete, all that is left to do is wait for the activation call/email from USI Fiber!

Conduit Installation

We will install a pipe (conduit) in the ground between your home’s fiber entry point (the NID) and the boulevard (the area between your home and the curb of the street) where our existing fiber is installed. Usually, this step is completed within 10-14 days after your consultation and installation in areas where our fiber is live. Around this time, you may notice utility locators flagging and/or painting the ground near your home. This is to indicate where other utilities are located, such as electric or gas, so we can safely avoid them when installing pipe in the ground. It is typically best if these flags are left untouched as they ensure that no utility lines will be hit.

Fiber Line Installation

A fiber cable will be fed through the conduit that we installed during the conduit installation so that we can connect our underground fiber network to your home’s fiber entry point. This typically takes 5-7 working days. During this time, you may see crews feeding the fiber through the conduit from the street to your home.

Fiber Turn-Up and Optimization

Once the fiber line to your home has been installed, our team will activate your fiber line and complete the backend configuration on our network that is necessary to get your service activated and ready to use. This usually takes 1-3 working days.

You go live!

Are you not in a live area and want to know about what to expect during our construction process for our mainline of fiber in your neighborhood? Visit our Construction Zone support article to learn more.